Friday, September 28, 2012

Loving Friends

Our family has grown so close to Joy as we have created and executed our families "bucket list" with Joy.  Whenever we go to get in the car it is almost instinctive to make sure we don't leave Joys letters behind so not to miss a photo opportunity to document our memories with Joy.  But since Joy has come and gone our family has felt a little bit of a void and have been struggling to find ways to create new memories with our Joy.  When we showed the kids the shirt and the idea we could wear them and take pictures of our continued journey with Joy they were excited.  The excitement and JOY only grew as we continued to talk that others would also be able to wear these shirts and they might see some at school or at the stores or even people might take pictures of them wearing JOY's shirt and send them to us.  WE love the idea of others reminding us of our Joy at random and the thought that others will remember her as well.  The thought that people will wear something that hopefully will remind all of us the lesson JOY has taught us
 is priceless.     
This is what Lindsey shared on her blog.
"Candice Liechty Hansen contacted me and had this FANTASTIC idea to sell shirts to show our support.  So many times when a loved one is lost there is lots of support for the family in the beginning and then it slowly trickles down until it's forgotten.  This is a great way to show support long term:) Can you imagine seeing a shirt on someone that was in remembrance of your little baby girl? How neat would it be if you or everyone in your family had these shirts on and a picture was taken and then sent to Breanne and Justin, either through facebook or email, that would show such sweet and loving support." 

Thank you dear friends for the showing of love and support. Please don't feel obligated to purchase one. But as Justin wisely put it on facebook, " Warning: White family members will hug on site if you are caught wearing this shirt." We are very excited for ours to arrive and that means more to us than anything.


  1. I love that!!! Makes me want to cry. Why aren't we friends on facebook yet?!?! haha

  2. I would love to get one of these shirts! How can I purchase one?