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Justin and I love our life together and our super cute Jteam. We have five wonderful children. Jaden (10) Jaxon (8) Jace (5) Jenston (2) and Joy who was born on September 20, 2012 with a condition that was incompatible with life called Anencephaly. She lived for five remarkable hours and is now in the care of a loving Father in Heaven and many loving grandparents. Justin works at the local hospital as an RN specialized in wound care and hyperbaric medicine. He also works on the side for a Home Health business as their wound specialist. Yep he's my superman. I get to stay home and play all day long with the best kids in the world. It's my dream job and I love it more every day. Especially during the summer! We love to camp, rock climb, watch movies on the tramp, go on vacation, and... anything as long as we are all together. There is nothing sweeter than knowing that my family may not always be together here on earth, but we will always be sealed together in the eternities.


  1. Hi, we don't know eachother, but through a grapevine of people we know who know eachother your blog got placed in my hands. Why you may ask? Well we have something in common. I gave birth to my daughter Alexis on July 18th 2012 who also had Anencephaly. Just a little over a month ago was the saddest and best day of my life. My baby girl never took a breathe, but she was born with a beautiful beating heart. I would like to invite you to read my story about my journey if you like it's www.ourgiftalexisann.blogspot.com I haven't finished posting about the day she was born or her funeral yet, but I needed a little time. But from one mother to another I want to let you know I'm here for your support and any questions you might have about anencephaly that you don't always find online. I'm also LDS and live in southern Utah and hope to be able to help you. It helped me when I was able to speak to other mothers of Anencephaly babies. I love your blog. You seem to be preparing just like I was, which is a great thing to do. The hats you've made are adorable and will look beautiful and perfect on your baby girl. I know it's hard to figure out sizes, but when you see her she will be so perfect that if somethings a little big that'll be the last thing on your mind! She's going to be beautiful in anything :)
    Love, Amber Hammond