Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Birth Story {Before the OR picture collage}

I cannot believe it has been so long since I have done a post. We have been very busy getting ready for new carpet. We live in a wonderful old house with ugly green carpet. When we bought the house (almost a year ago!) part of the contract was the previous owner buying new carpet for the house. We had a lot we wanted to do before the carpet like put in new baseboard and make sure all the flooring was in good condition which seemed like a daunting task and I was sicker than I had ever been before with our new pregnancy so we decided to put it off until I felt better. As I have mentioned before I started feeling normal a week before we found out our journey through our pregnancy with Joy would be really different and decided that we didn't want to worry about all the craziness so that we could spend less stressful time with her and have life be simple. I am so glad we did!! We ended up repainting  and adding new trim. Makes it feel like "our" home.
Another exciting tidbit, we finally found all of our pictures!! One of our SD cards had been missing and we were so unbelievably happy when someone found it!! There is nothing quite the same as reliving an experience through pictures so that is what I wanted to post today. I really wanted to give something to my daughter so Merry Christmas Joy and to all of you. Love our family!!

 Being a total dork, but it is my last show off belly shot :)

looking for my hooks and my nurse Cathy and I. Cathy works for Angel Watch and has been with us for a long time and helped us a lot!!
Lots and Lots of paper work
 My dad and I. He didn't leave my side all morning
mom white, my brother Eric, Jenston, Jaxon, Jace, Granny Nona, Jaden my mom

 Justin's brother Bryant who ran our video during Joy's birth

Jenston loves papa Ted

NILMDTS photographer Amber, Justin sister JoAnna, L&D manager Georgette, Justin sister Caryn

Time to start getting ready for the OR

Justin sister Dianna and husband Lance

Meeting the Anesthesiologist 

playing rock paper scissors

just need a little comfort

Justin's sisters Shiree and Dianna

time to go

It seemed like a long hallway, but we were all excited to get to finally meet our sweet angel. Joy you have changed my life in so many ways. I continue to feel so blessed to be your mother. Thank you again for choosing our family to spend eternity with. 
I love you with all my heart.
Merry Christmas little miss.