Thursday, May 31, 2012

One Day

Sometimes I wonder if I really understand what is happening. There are days where life just seems to go on like normal. Joy always pops up into our conversations somehow, but the day seems to be rather normal. For instance today the two younger boys and I were eating cheese and Jace broke off a little piece and said "This one is for Joy, I think that she is hungry." Then he put it in my mouth. I think these days are a blessing. I know that there will be unbearable heartache and pain that will come after she passes but we will overcome that when the time comes. It does not help me to dwell on the earthly things that I will miss with my sweet daughter, even though while I am writing this I cannot stop the tears. She is ours forever and I WILL get those sweet blessings with my baby, I just have to be patient. It is amazing how much love we have felt already. Every day I am so grateful for the kindness we are surrounded with and for the help I know we are receiving by the comfort of the spirit. I know our Father in Heaven has not asked us to do this on our own and there have been so many tender mercies given to us. One day I will never have to let her go again.

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