Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lunch date with Jace

Today Joy got to have a lunch date with Jace. When I picked Jace up from preschool he had a plastic egg filled with jelly beans. He asked if I wanted on and I said no thanks. Jelly beans really aren't my favorite.. at all. I like the starburst ones but that is it. :) But when he said it was for Joy, I couldn't resist. He and Joy shared the rest of the jelly beans and he knew she loved them. When we got home he asked if Jenston was home and I told him Jenston had gone with dad to finish Joy's casket so it was just me and him. Then he looked at me and said "no mom, Joy's here too so it is me and you and Joy. Not just us."
That means so much to me. Thank you Jace for remembering your sister.


  1. I love how you have included Joy into your family already. Your boys are always saying things about her, being with you now. I love that! I love that you take her and her name to do fun things! Such a good idea. Good Luck in the next couple of days! I sure am thinking about you. I cannot imagine the pain and blessings all at the same time, that you are experiencing.

  2. I love that you have already created all these memories for your boys with their sister. They will remember her. The times Hayes or Kamri talk about or include Dane in our everyday life are some of the sweetest moments.