Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Busy Busy

 We have been on lots of fun "mini journeys" lately. I wanted to get these posted before she is born. Only a couple more days!
The boys really wanted to take her to the fun park and play lazer tag and go rollerblading. It really was a lot of fun. Since we had the whole clan I actually took Jaden rollerblading later but I didn't get any good pictures because I only had my phone. It was a great date though and he said his favorite part of rollerblading that day was being with Joy.

After the Fun Park we had to go get ice cream! I had to share with Joy our go to shake. 
Chocolate peanut butter YUM!! I did make the mistake of thinking that Jenston could share with us but once he saw all the boys had cones he wasn't happy until he had one too. I don't blame him!

These were taken just right after our photo shoot. We had to play a little on Old Main hill. 

By her burial plot. This was the first time we took the kids to the Cemetery. We wanted them to be involved in our decision of where we wanted to bury her but we really did some heavy convincing :) We parked by the sign and got out to take pictures and Jaden got thorns in his shoe by the road. He didn't like having thorns that close to Joy :) Good thing that we could convince him by telling him we could ride our bikes to see Joy all the time. That worked.

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  1. I love all the fun activities that yall planned and did, and the soooo sweet pictures taken! SO cute! Thank you for sharing your lives with me. Being here in Texas I feel so far away from yall and out of the loop...but I'm so grateful for this blog so I can love yall more, and share with you in your good and bad times! Wish we could come visit more than we do! Love yall, Jewel xoxox