Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Busy

Here are the rest of the pictures that we have downloaded. 
We really have been having a lot of fun with you Joy!
Thanks for hanging out with us this long. We love you!

 We thought it might be fun for the boys to do a build-a-bear for Joy to always have with her. They have never done one before and have begged for years that we would take them. Our plan is to take them back next year on her birthday and let them get one. They don't know but we thought that would be a fun way to celebrate.
 It took a while to find the right bear but I am so glad they chose the one they did! We definitely had to set guidelines and said it had to be a bear and that the name of the bear had to mean something. 
 I danced from when I was 4 until I was 5 months pregnant with Jaden. We had to get pictures with some pink dance slippers. :)
 They each helped stuff the bear. And gave her a heart too. Jenston even snuck in and gave her a hand full more. The girl was really sweet about it.

 Their favorite part was giving her a bath (vacuuming her off) Jenston would keep taking her back there and he always made sure everyone had a brush!

 We decided last minute to swing by temple square. 

 I don't think we knew how grateful we would be at the end of our day. After we were done taking pictures we took them to the south visitors center to use the restroom and get ready to go home. There was a sister missionary who was there chatting with us while we were playing with Jenston and just laughed as boys kept coming out of the restroom that were ours. She mentioned that her favorite thing at Temple Square was a new video in the North Visitors center called "Gods Plan for His Family". It was only 15 minutes long so we decided we could catch it on our way back to the car.

 We had no idea how relevant the movie would be to our family at this time. I think Justin and I both bawled through almost the entire thing but it was perfect for us. I think the Lord knew how grateful we would be for some comfort and it was exactly what we needed. In part of the movie a new couple is holding new baby girl and the father asks the mother "What are the most important things to teach her" and the mom answers,
"That she is Loved.
That she is a Child of God.
And that Families are Forever."
We get to teach Joy all those things.

 On our way home we stopped at Nielsens Frozen Custard. 
Hand down our favorite: Coconut almond
 Jaxon was able to have a very special experience while his baby sister is with us. He was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know that Joy knew what was going on that day. It is the only time that she has woken me up with her somersaults. She knew it was a special day ;) Jaxon we are so proud of you!
 Justin is from a town where Labor day is turned into the biggest celebration of the year and they change the name to founders day. :) His brother lives about a mile from his parents so we always start out the morning with a family fun run. We always have a theme and a fun/goofy item to wear. This year we did the braided bandannas and of course Joy needed one of her own.

at the end.
 Last Friday we were able to take the boys up to the Hospital for their own private tour. We really wanted them to feel comfortable and kind of know where we go during all the different stages.
We started with Louise on the mother baby floor and met Mary our social worker who will be there with us when Joy is born. Our SIL just had a baby a little bit before we got there and we were pretty sure that the room we saw on the MB floor was one they were preparing for them :) We told the boys that basically this room would be the room mom would go into after passes away. Next we went down to the L&D floor and met with Georgette who is on the right. At the very end of our tour we ran into Lori (left) who is the NICU manager and is going to be  Joy's nurse when she is born.
We started walking down towards the OR and stopped to take a quick peek at our new nephew Mathys. He is so cute and of course it made me cry but the tears were not bitter ones at all. We are so excited for them! I hope that it is only normal that I cried a little. :) We just expected that when we got to the OR that the kids would stand behind the red line and look in, but Georgette scrubbed them all down and took them in to show them exactly where mom would be and where they would take Joy to clean her off and explained about where they would be and where they could see Joy at the very beginning. They get to stand right outside the OR and watch their little miracle sister. If Joy is doing ok we will just move to a room on the L&D floor but if she isn't they will be able to come in and hold her for a minute.
We cannot express to you enough how much that meant to us Georgette. Thank you!
 After that school had started and there was so much to get done for Joy that we weren't able to go do big things with her. We knew we really wanted to do a couple things this last week so Sunday we invited our families to come and enjoy one last short video with Joy. 

Thank you so much to all who came! We almost had our entire families there! Both our Parents, My Grandma, Tracy and Caryn, Ben and Shiree, Jesse and Natalie, Lance and Dianna, JoAnna, Camille, Eric and all their kids (the pyramid isn't all of them) Kraig, Courtney, Bryant, Dani and Jordan we missed you a lot but know that sick babies, a new baby and a mission are REALLY good reasons not to be there.:) They even said that they think our group was the largest one to see the movie :)
We LOVE you ALL. Thank you so much for your love and support!


  1. I love all of ur pictures! joys one happy little girl to be able to do so many great and fun things with her family. And u are one beautiful pregnant mama. U truly do glow!

  2. Hey Breanne. I am Stacie's friend Alesha. She gave me your blog and I have been reading and thinking about you non stop. I love all the things you are doing with Joy while she is here. You will be in my prayers over the next few days. I know from personal experience that you will feel intense love and comfort from our Savior. ♥