Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our BIrth Story {on our way}

* it has come to my attention that some of you may be nervous about our safety recording and the fact that I don't have my seat belt on. I apologize for any concern that may cause you. You may judge as you will but rest assured this is not common practice. I always wear my seat belt. I have reasoning why I don't have it on that morning but like Justin says excuses are like gas... they still stink. Thanks for being concerned. Love you all :-)*

The morning of Septemeber 20, 2012 was a very emotional one. I cannot write it as well as it is documented in our video. Justin grabbed our camcorder and put me on the spot while we were driving to the hospital. I know I look fantastic ;-) and I love having everyone watch me cry but it really sums up our feelings going into the hospital that morning. In total it is 8 minutes long so grab a snack.

If you are not really into watching the video I don't blame you... basically Justin asks me what the date is, and what we are doing. We talk about how excited we are to get to see Joy and how excited we are for her to be able to progress in her journey. A couple funny things that happened... Justin majorly needed a haircut but we had been busy trying to make sure we didn't forget anything. I decided last minute that I needed to make another hat for her just to have another size and to even things up at six different hats for her. So I started a new hat and got it to a point where I knew I could finish it in the morning. By then it was about 1 am and we were both still a little wired so I decided we would give Justin a quick haircut. So we started with my clippers and do a few shaves up the back of his head and my clippers totally started fritzing out. It took me a while to get them working again and they were really on edge. I quickly did the bare minimum with the clippers and used my shears for the rest which means I get picky and the haircut is not short anymore. We said prayers and were in bed by 2:30. Joy did not sleep a wink. I loved it for a few reasons 1. because I had a wonderful last night with her just moving and felt her almost to the last minute. 2. because it made me feel like she was really excited to come. The only other night she was up the entire night was the night before Jaxon was baptized. I really didn't have any responsibility for his baptism even all the food was taken care of by someone else so I don't think it was my nerves that kept her awake. Just really fun to think that she was just excited for those very special days. Justin's phone also had a mental breakdown and would not connect to the charger. Justin finally got it connected but it died before the alarm went off. So we woke up about the time that we were supposed to be leaving to the hospital. We hurried and got everything together and called the hospital to make them aware of our scenario. They were super nice and told us not to worry. In the video we talk about how Jaden and Jenston stayed at his parents and Jaxon and Jace stayed at mine. We didn't want to put a huge burden on just one set of parents so we split them up. We talk about how my brother Eric would also be up at the hospital so that he could stay in the room with Jace and Jenston while a lot of the commotion was going on with Joy. We both knew that seeing a lot of people around Joy would make him nervous whether anything was wrong or not. Also if she passed away right after birth we knew it would've been a little more chaotic so it was better for him not to see that. In the video we try to express our feelings about seeing her. Mostly it is a video of two parents trying to find Joy in the hardest time of their lives thus far as parents :-)


  1. I cried through the whole thing. But I loved your video. It's super special to have that. I remember on the way to the hospital I was super excited to see lexi soon, but since she decided to come early, I was also in a lot of pain. Once I got to the nurses desk was when I had my emotional breakdown and lost it for a little bit. And you looked great in the video! :) Also, I was thinking about you yesterday, I never got on my computer though, but I wanted to tell Joy Happy One Month! I'm sure Joy and Lexi are playmates in Heaven and becomming great friends! :)

  2. aw i love this!! it will be so great to have this little reminder of your special day with joy!! thinking of you guys often!!

  3. I stumbled across your blog tonight. So inspired by your story. Your family is beautiful. I read your blog for a while while my little one was getting ready for bed. Then I tucked her in bed and sang this song that I sing every night when we snuggle.

    But instead of Mother Dear I always put in my little girl's first and middle name. When I got to the word Joy I stopped and realized this was a perfect song for you and your little one. I felt inspired to leave you this comment/rendition:
    Joy Marie, I love you so. Your happy, smiling face.
    Such a JOY to look at. It makes HEAVEN a lovely place.

    Joy Marie, I love you so. Your lovely, shining eyes.
    Just like the stars that twinkle; Way up in the bright blue skies.

    Joy Marie, I love you so. I'll try the whole day through to be,
    more like our Heavenly Father. I'm so glad he gave you to me.

    I hope you and your family can find some peace and comfort through your difficult time.

    Katie Welsh
    Smithfield, UT

  4. Thanks for sharing this Breanne...impossible to watch without crying. What a treasure to have to look back on though. Good to see you the other day and see where you live, you're always in my prayers :) Oh and by the way, you do look fantastic!