Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Joy In Germany

"Although we do not have "Joy in the Journey" t-shirts, we wanted your family to know that we found Joy in Germany!  We felt Joy, saw Joy and were touched by Joy.  Whenever my two older children hear anyone talking about something special or if the word special pops up in conversation- they both say- "Mommy, remember- we saw a very special baby"!  Our home has truly been filled with a Spirit of Joy and tenderness thanks to your family."  

Sometimes the natural morning of a loss of a child is overwhelming.  It is amazing to have a loving Heavenly Father and inspired friends to help when it feels so.  This morning I received the above e-mail that helped remind me of our Joy in our Journey.  We are so blessed to be touched by such a special angel and appreciate all those that opened their hearts to her to enable her to touch and uplift their lives as well.  One of the most amazing lesson Joy instilled deeper into our family is how much God loves us.  That he is mindful of us and our needs.  He knows us by name and knows our challenges and will help us through each one.  He has shown us in more ways than we can count or name how much he knows and loves us.  We are so grateful for inspired friends and family that has helped us feel of their love along with our Heavenly Fathers.  We are grateful for friends that are willing to share Joy with their family and be enriched by knowing her.  These three cute kids, a sign, and a mother willing to take the time and energy to share it with us is just another example of Gods love for us and a reminder that there is Joy to be found in the Journey.  Thank You so much for sharing and Thank You Joy for being a "very special baby"!

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  1. I see the pure Joy in there faces. This is a wonderful post!