Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tired but grateful

Justin and I just walked in from taking our oldest to the ED. He was diagnosed with Bells palsy or 7th nerve palsy which is what we expected. Jaden has not had as much function as he should with his right cheek. We noticed it Sunday morning, when he would smile he was only doing half a smile. Initially I did what every mother of the year does and I thought nothing of it. Then as the day went on Justin and I grew more concerned but not overly. We talked to Jaden and he said he hasn't been chewing on that side of his mouth because he felt like he had a big divot in his tooth and he didn't want to get a cavity in it. :-) My reaction was possibly his cheek muscle had lost a little function because of his non chewing so we told him to work on getting those muscles back in shape. Long story short it wasn't getting any better and tonight about 8pm we called our pediatrician and they said that we should take him into the ED. Knowing that we are really close to our out of pocket maximum with our insurance we decided that it would be a no brainer to take him in and get things started as soon as we could.
Today is Jaces birthday so we hurried and sang happy birthday then we left the boys with my brother to dish up the cake. Jaden took a package of Jaces new legos that Jace was more than happy to let Jaden put together, and that kept him pretty busy the whole time. Our wait in the waiting room was fairly short, we only had time to watch half of a butterfly swimming race for the olympics. Interesting side note, we watched the olympics while our second Jaxon was in the hospital as a baby. For those who don't know we were given a 99% chance that he would NOT survive the first night after his heart surgery by an attending physician. We were in the room with his surgeon, who was just there monitoring him, we were all watching rowing when Dr. Hawkins said that Jaxon was going to be ok. Anyho the nurses and doctor were great. The doctor came in and really did a great evaluation of Jaden's symptoms. He was concerned that Jaden was so young. I looked up another stat that we are so good at reaching and it is less than 13 in every 100000 people under 13 years get bells palsy. He then went to go call Primaries to see what route to take. When he came back he said that he was going to put Jaden on a high dose of steroid and an anti viral to try to help reverse the droopy effects quicker. All they had were pills and Jaden did a GREAT job on three of them. The last one was quite large and we crushed it and put it in some pudding. We are happy that he has a good prognosis and that it is likely that he will regain all his function of that side of his face. We love our Jaden buddy!
While we were waiting for the doctor Justin looked at me and told me he was tired. We are both so tired of this emotional roller coaster we are going through. Then as we were talking Justin said "and we don't even have it bad" He was right!! We may just be exhausted of the day to day things but we are really well off in everything. We are continually blessed every day and thank our Father in Heaven every day for the chance that we have to spend time together with our children. Please excuse any grammical errors. It is late!

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