Monday, August 6, 2012


Some things I want to remember about this special time I get to spend with my sweet daughter.
She is always a good girl and moves pretty consistently. That is a very good thing for this mommy who is always worrying about still birth. She responds to some things that are really amazing to me. They say that she cannot feel, anything, and in my mind that means she cannot get uncomfortable because she doesn't feel comfort. I am glad she doesn't have to feel pain but she always let's me know if something is bugging her :-) Our road is very bumpy and she will always let me know that is too much bouncing. She will be completely still and then she will be wide awake when we get to the top of our road. If i am bending over too much she lets me know. As soon as I lay down it is her time to shine. :-) Another blessing for this paranoid momma. If I feel like I haven't felt her for a while I can take my hand and rub it around my belly and she will start moving. Not always enough for someone else to feel, but enough for me. She seems very small and sometimes it makes me worry but I have decided that her size is trivial :-) as long as she is growing that is great! I have measured 3cm small every drs appointment. I can never feel a head or a bum like I could with my others and I always worry about hurting her. She gets the hiccups most every day and she really doesn't like them. I love her more deeply every day and am so grateful for this opportunity I have to be a part of her life. She is amazing!

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