Monday, August 20, 2012

For Justin

I know that all of you think that your husband is a good candidate for the husband of the year award but I am sorry to disappoint you but mine just won it :) Usually at night is when he writes in his journal. I had no idea that he was writing a love note to his girlfriend. I knew I was marrying the right man ten years ago, I am weak in the knees when I see him take a minute to sit down with one of our kids and express his love for them, and I have grown ever so much more in love with him through our journey with Joy. His support and love is never ending and he literally bends over backwards to make sure I am doing ok. I could never write something like he did, he has always had a talent for those things, but I can say how much I enjoy every day waking up next to my best friend and knowing that I get to do that forever. I enjoy watching him try to be the best dad that he could ever be and making fun things like movies, roller coasters, zip lines and water slides for our kids and literally lighting up watching them enjoy going down them. We have so much fun together and I would be lost without his laugh. I still smile every time I hear it. He has been my strength, my foundation, my help, and even my maid many days (every??) when I just can't handle the stress of normal life and just want to play with the kids. I could never express everything that I wish I could. Justin is definitely my super hero and my knight in shining armor.
So for all of those who would like to see our fun movie that they made while I was sick taking a nap here is a link. For those that laugh at the thought of a roller coaster in someones backyard watch the movie :) The rest is just fun pictures of what a great dad Justin really is.
I love you Just

 Our water slide that goes on forever

I love you Justin

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  1. You two are too cute. Writing love notes on your blog :) I agree with you Breanne- you have a great hubbie. Missing all the fun things you crazy people come up with! These cute letters have inspired me- maybe I should write a love note to my hubbie..... Love you guys!