Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mock dress

It is difficult to know what size of pattern you need when you don't know exactly how big your baby will be :-) Since she will be born between 36 and 37 weeks all of the regular baby dresses are too big. I found a doll dress pattern but I wanted to hurry and sew it together before I go to my grandmas tomorrow to work on her "real" dress. I had to make a new skirt pattern because the one for the doll was really short and really gathered. I wanted a longer more simple look. I am glad I hurried and put it together because I have never gathered before and it gave me a little practice. And i also really like how the skirt turned out!I didn't start on it until after lunch today so I didn't unpick any mistakes including the one where I sewed the seams outside when I connected the dress to the bodice... Whoops! Need to pay more attention. I was running Jaden to and from swimming when I was working on that part so clearly my mind was somewhere else. :-) Anyway here it is, I am so excited for how pretty she will make her dress!! I texted Justin today and said that I think she is head down because she is getting hiccups all the time and I feel them down lower. It will be fun to see next week if I am right ;-) I also said how sad I am that she has to go :-) I am sad but I feel so blessed to be able to have the time to do all these fun things for my daughter. Most people don't get 4 months like I do to prepare. Heavenly Father knows me so well :-)

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