Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Love

I feel more love every day that I spend with my daughter. Not only from her but from all of the people that love her and who she is. I feel more love from my Savior and my Father as I can feel the stress and pain lifted and I literally feel like someone is helping me every step of the way. More love from my boys doing anything they can to help me be more calm and happy. More love from my husband who does everything for me.

On days when I feel like my heart could explode I receive tender thoughts from a friend. On one particular bad day I was feeling so sad and hiding in the toy room when Jaxon came and told me there was someone at the door. It was someone delivering a beautiful fragrant flower bouquet from my sweet sister in law and it just made me so happy thinking of how beautiful my sweet baby girl is just like the flowers.

The Lord is truly mindful of me and my family and I cannot thank my family and friends enough for everything that they do for me. He knows when I need someone and there is always someone there. He knows when we are struggling at the end of a paycheck and there is always someone giving way more than we could ever repay. He knows that I enjoy always feeling Joy move and blessed us with her being by far our most active baby in pregnancy. Even on the days when I feel like I have one big bruise on the inside of my stomach I would not trade it for anything!

When I am focused on a task I have random thoughts pop up in the back of my mind telling me I am not ready for this baby to come. I need diapers and dresses and bows and a place for her to be in our home. I guess that is the nesting instinct kicking in. I know I will never be ready for her to come. I will never be ready to say goodbye. But I will do the best I can to make her little glimpse of life one full of love and do my best to spoil her rotten so she will know how grateful I am to have her as my daughter.

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