Friday, August 10, 2012

My loving Aunt

I have been putting off writing this post for way too long. Mostly the words just don't seem to do any justice to what I really want to say. I have always been very blessed to be close to all of my extended family on both of my parents sides. Growing up I had both of my grandmas alive and 3 of my great grandmas. All of them were very talented and could do it all from sewing clothes for me, quilting, making afgans, and Swedish weaving. I am lucky enough to have many things from each grandma. Jaden was the only one who knew all five of my grandmas I grew up with and since then four of them have passed away. About a month ago my grandma came to visit me with a white gift bag. I knew that she had a friend that wanted to make a dress for Joy and I anticipated that being the only thing in the bag. It is a very beautiful dress and I just love it! I especially love the bottom with the pleats and the beautiful lace. It is truly made by someone who is very talented. I am glad to have a dress that is bigger than the one that we are making for Joy because we will be prepared for anything. :)
After I put the dress back in the box she handed me a square of tissue paper and explained that my Grandpa's sister Suzanne (we used to go to her house every year for new years day) had felt so bad for our situation and just wanted to help in some way. I opened the paper and inside were these beautiful hats and booties. I was elated at the thought that I would have more options for hats for Joy and I hadn't even thought about booties yet. My aunt takes after her mother and is amazing at things with her hands. Well my grandma reached in and pulled out another square of tissue.
Inside was this beautiful jacket that she had made and another different size hat and booties. I try not to think about all the cute things that I will never put on my Joy and I usually do just fine. But my aunt had made the same one for my sister in law and I was moved to tears that she would make one for Joy. I don't know that Joy will ever get to wear it but it made her seem more real and special. Most of the time I think of Joy in a fantasy state it seems because I know she won't be here for very long. I don't do the normal things that you would to prepare for a baby and I cry everyday it get's closer to her delivery. As I was trying to hold in the tears my grandma pulled out another square of tissue paper.
At this point I couldn't do any more than cry. My baby is so loved.
I am so grateful I still have my granny to help me with her dress and blankets that we are making. Having these also make me feel like my other grandmas are near by watching over our family. Thank you my dear Suzanne for touching our hearts and reminding me of very special ladies that may not be here any more but I will always remember with love.

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