Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another FUN day working on Joys dress

Last night we got to go spend the night and my grandma and grandpa's. Last time the kids felt like five hours wasn't enough :-) so I wanted to make sure that we spent a good amount of time there. Really I am so happy my grandparents like having us around. We bring a lot of noise and chaos but also lots of boys that love their papa ted and grandma Nona. They also know how to kick back and relax.

I love how they still do some of the traditions that they did when I was little. Grandpa always makes pancakes in the morning. No one can make pancakes like my Gramps! Grandma even spoiled us with some bacon :-) We always have a fantastic lunch and she always sends the leftovers home :)

Mom came shortly after breakfast and we worked on getting a pattern drawn up for Joys slip. You can see her slip through her dress so it was fun trying to figure the right length when we didnt even know how long to make her dress :-) It is also really fun that way because I get to do whatever I want. I tried sewing the neckline for the slip and I really stunk. It is so small and I didn't think it could be done on a machine. I was ready to hand sew it and asked my mom to try. Of course she rocked and whipped out some beautiful stitches. I love being surrounded by talent!

She also sewed some lace around the hem line to give it a little more girly love. While she was working on that I was trying to figure out the pattern for the dress and get those pieces cut out. We are leaving the back open so we had to figure how much extra we needed. It was really fun figuring it all out and I just get more excited. Gramps was busy keeping the boys happy and Granny was making sure we were fed and kept cracking the whip (she would never really be like that it is just a joke we have with her and my mom) but we needed someone to make sure we were doing it right ;).

So now we have her slip done and her dress cut and even a little sewed but I didn't get any pictures of her dress. We still have a lot to do on it so I will get lots!

Joy was her beautiful little self keeping me entertained by her movements. She is such a special girl and very loved.

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