Friday, July 27, 2012

daddy daughter

I know I talk about Justin a lot and everything he does to hold me together. He is such a fantastic spouse a wonderful father and he is solid in the gospel. I notice that people tend to always ask how I am doing and not Justin. I think there are many reasons for that, the biggest one being is that my body is the one changing to house this sweet baby. Justin is a typical guy and really does well emotionally with everything. It is still hard for him though and in a lot of different ways. The stress of all the funeral preparations the pregnant wife (which is enough all on its own he he), the four boys that need his attention, paying for everything, not taking any vacation time so he can save it all to take care of me after, a huge test in August for another certificate, living in a old house that needs constant attention and a lawn mower that doesn't like to run and decided it doesn't need a back wheel...silly thing. And so much more that he carries on his shoulders everyday, but never complains. He is such a great example to me of service and love. I know the hardest part for him is not being able to really get to know her like I do. I cannot wait until I get to see her in his arms. I know his heart will just melt holding his daughter and she will love her daddy. I am so glad he will get to hold her first, he is always there to take our children as soon as the nurses are done so he can bring them to me, those first few seconds watching him with her will be irreplaceable. She will have his heart forever. 
He always talks about how this experience with Joy will continue to bring us closer as a family and closer to our Savior. It is a wonderful experience watching the love of your life grow closer to the Savior. We get to have a very sweet and tender experience having such a special perfect little girl join our eternal family, and have a wonderful opportunity to teach our boys what is really important here on earth so that we may live in a way that we can see her again. I love having her near. At night and in the morning we can always count on her to put on a good little show. I could lay there and feel her move all day. I kinda joke, I don't know maybe I will really do it, to Justin about just wanting to lay down and take in every movement the day before our c-section. I love life more now than I ever could. I have a spouse that truly loves me, children that are the most wonderful things in the world, I am closer to my Savior and Father in Heaven and I have a family that is all together here on earth and eternally bound together.   

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