Tuesday, November 13, 2012

There is JOY in Cache Valley and Texas :)

I hope that if you have bought a shirt that you will send me a picture! I love having record of the joy that is spreading and I am sorry if I embarrass you by posting on the blog. This is the best way for us to have record :) Here we have (left to right) Brandon, Lacy, Stephanie and Candice (who was the person who thought up the Joy shirts and really helped a lot getting everything going with them!) Thank you Candice!!
I was thinking the other day that facebook can really be a neat thing. I really have never been a huge fan but last year reconnected with a lot of high school classmates because of our 10 yr reunion (Justin and I graduated together) and when they all found out about Joy I was floored by everyones support. People who I haven't really connected with for over 10 years were showing their support and their love. As with any High School class we had some crazies but I think that we really had one of the best classes and surrounding classes :)  I am so grateful for the lifelong friendships that we have rekindled from the amazing people we associated with there, and the amazing people that we have met because of Joy, and of course every day I am so grateful for all of the support we have received from family and close friends who have been there for us through it all. I have been amazed when I talk to people and they tell me that they received their shirts. People from our boys classes and so many people we don't know. It is amazing!!
I was asked to share my testimony a couple weeks back during a class and mentioned it to one of my friends. She has a very busy calling but took the time to come and show her support for me by sneaking in to listen. I just about burst into tears of gratitude when I saw her for the wonderful friend that she is and I realized again how blessed I am to have the privilege of knowing so many amazing and wonderful people.
Thank you all so much for your love and support and I cannot wait to post more pictures of Joy's shirts ;) hint hint


  1. Love your cute family! Thanks for sharing your family with us. You are such an example to me. <3

  2. Oh I love it! What a Joy to see her spirit spread in such sweet ways! I would love to buy one of her shirts!
    I want to make wink shirts for my boys for Christmas- any tips?