Monday, November 12, 2012

Temple and rings

Justin and I have had the opportunity to visit the temple a few times the past couple weeks. I love going there to feel the peace that the temple provides and feel the spirit that is there. Knowing that our daughter is sealed to us for time and for all eternity is an incredible feeling. One that brought me to tears several time while I heard the words being spoken there. I felt so warm and close to her. Almost as if she had her arms wrapped around me. I believe that Joys spirit is that of a young woman. When I feel her I don't feel like she is a child. It feel's like she is someone I have known forever, one of my best friends and someone I am extremely close to. As I sat and looked at Justin my heart melted. Here is this amazing person who has been through so much with me and been so strong through it all. My love for him has grown so much and I am so grateful for his testimony that I have to lean on. I didn't think I could love him anymore than the first time we were there in the temple together but I was wrong :-) As I held Justin's hand we both noticed that our rings were touching. Not our wedding bands but a special ring that we were given by a friend named Amber (yes I know a few amazing ones :-) ) these rings have her name engraved on them and we were also able to have a special engraving on the inside. The really special thing is that Joy has one as well. It is the ring that she had on the chain around her neck for those of you who were able to see her at the viewing. The ring was really close to her actual size and we did put it on her finger a couple of times, but it was sweet to have it around her neck. The story of the rings is a very neat one and I know my friend was inspired in many ways. To have something that Justin and I both have that Joy has as well that we can all wear is a very special thing. Amber went in to a local Jeweler called SE Needhams and told them what she wanted and told them Joys story. They were able to complete them incredibly fast and not only that but they COVERED the cost! They donated all of the materials and the labor for our sweet Joy. What an amazing thing for them to do for complete strangers. Thank you Amber

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