Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Starting a Fashion Trend

Yep I know your jealous I get to sport something this awesome. This is what I get for complaining to Justin that my legs and feet were swollen. I had a doctors appointment today and he came with me. After my appointment while I was waiting to schedule my next appointment, he took Jenston over to his office to see the new fish tank they were installing today. When I came to get Jenston he presented me with the present of a girls dreams ;-) he had got me my very own pair of ted hose!!  Justin even very romantically put them on for me :-) What a HUNK!! A doctor he works with said with my shorts and my slipper flip flops I will make all the heads turn :)

(Don't pay attention to the fact I need to paint my toenails and repaint the door frame, my calf is already 14 inches in circumference, I have no ankle and the fact that I am sitting on the toilet to get the picture. Hey it's the only place that I can sit where we have tile. I really have enough pictures of our hideous green carpet we have in the rest of the house. Really I should have nice new carpet because it came with the purchase of our home but it's not really on my priority list now.)

My doctor appointment went well. I am 25 weeks today. We found out about our sweet Joy 9 weeks ago today and there are 10 weeks until she is born. I cannot believe we only have that long left. The time has seemed to fly by most of the time. Makes me realize how much I want to get done. I love having her with us!! The next 5 weeks are the "scary" weeks. We hope and pray that it is Heavenly Fathers plan that she will hang out with us until after then. I am now officially too far along to have her "normally" and a c-section at this point is really difficult. After 30 weeks we are a lot better off. Then we will just give her enough time to get all the chub a sweet little girl needs to be born "healthy" :-) With pregnancies that have babies with defects many times the moms body goes a little toxic, gaining weight and getting very sick. I have been so blessed thus far not to have these problems and my doctor says that she is really pleased my body is reacting this way. Hopefully it will continue! I have people ask me all the time if the rest of her body will develop. It is so funny to me but it makes total sense. "How could she be missing what she is and be so perfect on the rest?" It is amazing what her little body can do. Just with her brain stem she can move. And she does move! I love it! I don't know what she will look like but I have heard she will look normal from her eyebrows down. We are going to have a 3D ultrasound at 33 weeks so we can see how severe the anecephaly is, see how beautiful she is, and get to see her move around. That will be a great day!!
I had a really nice experience talking with my aunt who had a baby that passed away. It was so therapeutic for me to talk to her about her experience, and hear how they decided on certain things such as what to put on the headstone and where to bury her. I learned some really neat things about their experience too. Amazing how often that I am reminded that the Lord knows us so well and funny how those things help. Especially when you get to talk to someone who knows me really well and knows how to say things the right way for me. I really hope I get to talk to her again before they go back home but if not thank goodness for email and phone!

mostly for my own record
When I started my pregnancy her I was 144 lbs. 20 lbs over what I was when I started my pregnancy with Jenston. I had a very hard time loosing the baby weight after Jenston and nothing seemed to get it to come off. When I went in for my 12 week, my cheerios only diet I had been on, because I couldn't stomach anything else, got me down to 133. So I can look at some of the "perks ha" of having an anecephalic baby is that I am only measuring 22 weeks and weigh 139, gaining 5 lbs so far (I swear it is all in my legs:) ) Her body measures a week behind according to our last ultrasound (which is always how our kids go. I love how she is just like her brothers) I guess that's how much of a difference it makes having that part of her head missing. 

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