Monday, November 10, 2014

So much love

Justin and I have had the opportunity to speak to a few different young adult groups. It has been amazing the feelings that I have re-watching all of Joys videos and reflecting on our journey with her. I have felt such an increased amount of love for her and for a loving Heavenly Father who blessed us with such a wonderful and perfect little girl. I have felt of His love as He knows how much I LOVE talking about her and how it helps me cope with her loss. What an amazing opportunity to share her story again two years after she was born. It has strengthened my testimony and helped me again remember what things are really important. I have also felt an immense overflowing of love for our family who have done so much for us and who continue to support us at our speaking opportunities. We also have amazing friends who were present at the time Joy was born and how grateful I am that they were there supporting us and how touched I am they took the time to visit us and show us their love. We were so blessed to have another sweet little boy join our family in February. Little Jonathon. He has been the healer that we didn't know we needed. Before he was born I had anxiety that he would replace Joy or that my feelings for her would change somehow. Oh how it is so contrary. He brings so much love into our home and we think about her more often with him here. Like I said, he is the healer we didn't think we needed. He is by far my most cuddly and pleasant baby. How grateful I am for the plan of happiness. What a great plan it is!! As you can tell by most of my posts I am quite the sap. My heart is completely full and feels as if it could overflow with the love I feel right now. We are so blessed.


  1. Hey Justin and Breanne! I'm Marissa Shirley and I had the opportunity to attend the devotional you gave at USU last Friday. I just wanted to thank you for the time you both took to share your story and your testimonies with us. Thank you for bringing a strong, sweet spirit to many people, including myself. It was truly an inspired message!

  2. Hi Breanne, Your story is so inspiring, what an amazing strong beautiful family you have. I'm writing in hopes for some advice. I have a friend who has been blessed with a little baby diagnosed like Joy and was wondering if you would take a minute to help me help her. I can be reached at I would love to correspond with you through email but I can't seem to find your email address. If you do have a minute to answer some questions for me please let me know thank you so much for your time and also your blog, what an amazing gift to so many others that are struggling. Lindsey Fox